Microbial Testing and Analysis with LifeCheck Microbial Services

Immediacy in microbial testing is important but not easy to achieve with inexperienced personnel or transporting samples to labs. To help meet these challenges and provide reliable third-party testing, OSP offers LifeCheck™ Microbial Services to help design and support your microbial mitigation strategies.

Our LifeCheck Microbial Service team is committed to your microbe mitigation strategy offering immediate on-site or in the lab sample evaluation and testing, providing you with reliable results time and time again.

LifeCheck Microbial Services can be set-up via annual subscription, on an “as needed” basis, or used to perform lab-related studies. LifeCheck Microbial Services utilize several technologies for microbial evaluation including LifeCheck DNA, LifeCheck ATP and LifeCheck Media.

For more information about our LifeCheck Microbial Service offerings please visit osplifecheck.com.