2K7 Biocides: Microbial Control for Industrial and Energy Industry Applications

Wherever there is water, there are microbes. Depending on the application, microbial contamination can lead to serious issues such as spoiling, fouling, souring and corrosion. These issues can result in downtime, safety concerns, added costs and even equipment failure.

2K7® is a broad-spectrum biocide that has been effectively used as an antimicrobial and preservative in many industries for over 30 years. OSP created 2K7 Bugsticks, a solid stick format of the 2K7 biocide that enables delivery to inaccessible areas where bacteria can proliferate. OSP offers several formats and formulations of 2K7 depending on the application.


OSP holds Canadian and US Master registrations for its 2K7 Biocide product line.

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered manufacturing facility for antimicrobials in US
  • Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) approved manufacturing facility for antimicrobials in Canada

2K7 Biocide Applications

Microbial influenced corrosion (MIC) and souring can affect many aspects of oil and gas development resulting in downtime, safety issues and added costs. Additionally, any water-based industrial product or process will encounter issues with microbial contamination and require preservation or treatment to mitigate spoiling and fouling. The chart below details specific applications in these two main areas.*

Energy IndustryIndustrial Water Treatment
Drilling fluidsHVAC
Coiled tubing fluidHeat exchangers, condensers and air washers
Fracturing fluidRecirculating cooling towers
Wellbore fluid (downhole tubulars/casing)Pasteurizer cooling systems
Produced fluidManufacturing process waters
Battery equipmentPaper pulp mills
Well squeeze fluidMetalworking fluids
Well injection fluid (secondary flooding)Wet state/in can preservation
Heaters/treatersPrinting inks
Battery equipmentLatex emulsion systems (paint and coatings)
Pipelines and gathering systemsDetackification additive (spray paint booths)
WellheadsCASE (coatings, adhesives, scalants, elastomers)
Absorbent clays (cat litter)
Drywall mud

*Contact OSP to help you match the appropriate biocide with your application.

2K7 Biocide Features and Benefits

  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial
  • No known resistance
  • Responsive and persistent long-term control
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Compatible with most chemistries (non-ionic, non-foaming)
  • Effective in fluids with high total suspended solids (non-surfactant)
  • Effective in high brines, high iron and sour service (H2S)
  • Stable in solid and solution form

How 2K7 Biocide Works

2K7 biocides work by incorporating into sulfur-containing proteins found in bacteria and disrupting their activity. The antimicrobial activity is not associated with bromine or formaldehyde. OSP offers several formats and formulations of 2K7 depending on the application.

2K7 Bugstick (Slimstick)

Solid stick format that contains a small percent of surfactant to enable clean-up of oil-coated solid interfaces facilitating increased production from oil wells. The format fits easily into wellbore tubing and settles in the lowest point within the equipment to treat the source.

2K7 Solution

Liquid delivery system used for in-line mixing where a liquid format is preferred to expedite biocide action as no dissolving is required.

2K7 Solution W-M

Liquid delivery system that is active in low temperatures (≥ -40°C / -40°F ).

2K7 W-G Solution

Liquid delivery system that is registered in the US.

2K7 Water Soluble Paks (WSP)

Crystal format, providing a concentrated solid in a dissolvable bag.

2K7 Granular

Crystal format, providing a concentrated solid as loose granules. Now available in Canada.

Choosing the Right Biocide

Water is a part of oil and gas operations “tap to cap” from drilling new wells, operating pipelines and facilities, to final abandonment of wells and equipment. Effective operations and longevity of asset life rely on proper microbial control programs. Biocide use includes not only understanding the objectives of control, but also what influences the performance of the various biocides.

Each application has specific parameters to take into consideration, but there are some high-level considerations that can help narrow the choices.

Other Biocides

Bromicide Tablets

Solid oxidizer for treating ponds.

Liquibrom 4000

Liquid oxidizer with a wider pH range than chlorine-based products. Can be used to initially treat water to reduce bacteria levels (planktonic) and allow a lower dose of 2K7 biocide to be used.