Do you get excited about new technology?

Do you see hidden business opportunities throughout your day, knowing “I could have invented that!”!

Do you like working directly with clients, solving their problems/challenges?

We want to hire, develop and grow with a passionate team excited to answer YES.

Our values

  • Leadership: We work with our stakeholders to create an intentional future through coordinated action.
  • Commitment: We are always in action with intent. We keep things simple.
  • Responsibility: We own everything we say or do. We are competent in our actions.
  • Safety: We are stewards of safety and our environment.
  • Visibility: Everything we do creates value for he company and our stakeholders. We share both our successes and our learnings openly.
  • Integrity: We are excellent communicators. We are whole and complete with our word. We are reliable and consistent in our actions.


Who is OSP?

OSP is an exciting growing business that has been around 30 years providing specialty products to industrial clients. They have come to market in the last year with innovative technology, partnerships and products that establish them as a key player in the microbial diagnosis sphere across multiple industrial markets.

OSP’s Mission is to empower our stakeholders to operate profitably, effectively and efficiently while reducing risk to health and the environment by making available appropriate products and technology through services.

Our Product Line

OSP has a strong focus on microbial diagnosis and control, launching industrial DNA testing for microbe populations in oila and gas, industrial water treatment, finished fuels, chemical manufacturing and certain niche industrial applications. Their LifeCheck Microbial Services line provides lab and field/on-site support for all diagnosis work, utilizing 3 primary microbial detection technologies.

Additionally, OSP has a successful history of providing scale inhibition, biocides and corrosion inhibitors for multiple markets. We aim for “specialty” applications, and are masters at providing multiple delivery mechanisms of known chemistries to meet the unique needs of our focused clientele.

Our Future

OSP has been growing steadily throughout the recent downturn, investing internally in new and exciting technology applicable to the diverse markets we are active in. Our team is a powerful group of experts looking for the right people to act as conduits into the markets we play in.

That’s where you come in.


Position #042506: Lead Technologist (Houston, TX)

The Lead Technologist, under the direction of the Technology Director, will primarily be responsible for technical and service support for US land sales efforts. Laboratory and field survey work is required (either directly or via a team). The chosen candidate will lead the research, preparation and coordination of communication materials for internal and external audiences as well as prepare reports, presentations and support marketing content. The candidate will lead technical development required within OSP’s Houston office, with support from the LifeCheck Microbial Service (LMS) and Technology Team.

Responsibilities will include:

  1. Work with OSP’s Technology team to ensure OSP products are used by our customers properly, efficiently and safely.
  2. Work with OSP’s Technology team to support continual improvement, development, training and internal standards.
  3. Work with OSP’s Marketing team to ensure proper technical, application and product information is available and in a format valuable for our clients.
  4.  Provide technical information to OSP teams to improve and modify existing products /services
  5. Work with OSP’s Sales team to provide client facing discussions & solutions on products and services when required.

This role will be fully supported by OSP’s teams and senior leadership.

The US Lead Technologist must possess the following:

  • Degree (or diploma) in a related field
  • 3+ years industry experience in related disciplines including field work
  • Experience with Upstream Chemicals and water chemistry applications is a preference
  • Ability to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing
  • Adept in using project management software Experience and comfort in corporate client interactions
  • Ability to work independently and communicate well within teams and senior leadership
    Safety tickets are an asset

If you are interested in joining our team, please submit your cover letter and resume to:

*Only those candidates selected for interview will be contacted.