About Us

Company History

OSP Microcheck was founded in 1986 by Michael McLennan, a Calgary-based entrepreneur. Mike started out as a chemical sales representative servicing Alberta’s oilfield. He saw a need in the oil and gas industry for improved microbial control and with a little bit of grant money, he started the company.

The first product, 2K7 Bugstick, was targeted to reduce microbial populations in oil and gas wells in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Its solid format made usage significantly easier and more effective for the industry.

Through education and years of hard work, OSP Microcheck began to grow. In 2011, the company acquired US-based Telomer Corporation, a premier distributor of intermediates for water treating chemicals including scale and corrosion inhibitors, iron dispersants and biocides.

In 2014, OSP Microcheck and Telomer Corporation were rebranded as OSP. This reflects our commitment to consistently provide proven chemistry solutions to our customers in Canada and the US.

Today, OSP has employees based in Calgary and Houston and is well positioned to provide a wide range of water treatment solutions and technical expertise for customers across North America.

Team Members

Brian Normoyle

Sales Director


Virginia Wornstaff

Technical and Marketing Director


Catharine McMechan

Technical Account Manager


Jeremy Sockwell

Technical Sales Professional


Shawn Chamberlain

Applications Development Manager


Sharon McLennan

Marketing Coordinator


Terri Moir

Customer Service Representative


Greg Burland

Warehouse Supervisor


Shannon Einkauf

Office Manager/Accountant


Sean Barber

Operations Director


Kim Dockens

Product Development Director


Marc Demeter

Industry Postdoctoral Researcher, LifeCheck Division


Jordan Barber

Lab Technician


Frank Fish

Consultant CFO


Stan Leong

President and CEO


Mission Statement

OSP empowers our stakeholders to operate profitably, effectively and efficiently while reducing risk to health and the environment by making available appropriate products and technology through services.

Core Values

  • Leadership: We work with our stakeholders to create an intentional future through coordinated action.
  • Commitment: We are always in action with intent. We keep things simple.
  • Responsibility: We own everything we say or do. We are competent in our actions.
  • Safety: We are stewards of safety and our environment.
  • Visibility: Everything we do creates value for the company and our stakeholders. We share both our successes and our learnings openly
  • Integrity: We are excellent communicators. We are whole and complete with our word. We are reliable and consistent in our actions.